Thursday, October 27, 2016

T-MobileONE Explained!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, In this post im going to be going over T-MobileONE, T-Mobile's revolutionary new cell phone plan making a splash in the industry.

First i'd like to go over how every other carrier is currently offering their cell phone deals, Im going to use the Verizone plan as an example but the same model applies to At&t and Sprint as well.

So what they are doing is they're offering these different sized data buckets, You see of small medium larg and extra large and you pay a certain amount per month for these data buckets, Looking at the small plan as an example you pay 35 Dollars a month for 2GB of Data but when you pay that you can't actally use that 2GB of Data you have to pay an additional line accesse charge i order to use it so for smartphone it's 20 Dollar a month for tablets t's 10 Dollars a month and for smart  wearables it's 5 Dollars a month, so at the end of the day your looking at a line access charge of 20 Dollars a month plus the cost of your data bucket which is 35 Dollars A month in this example for a total cost of 55 Dollars.

What T-Mobile did is they said wait a minute this kind of data bucket model is rediculous, So with T-MobileONE it's 1 plan unlimited everything this plan also includes some bonus features as well so what's interesting me is the unlimited everything talk text and 4G of LTE Data to your smartphone which means you can get unlimited entertainment unlimited movies and unlimited music streaming from whatever service you have this is even better than T-Mobile's bing on programme because you can use whatever you want even if it wasn't supported before you should also know that the Video typically streams at DVD quality (480p).

With this plan you can  get something i'm blown away by which is unlimited travel, Unlimited everything in Canada and Mexico and unlimited texte and data almost everywhere in the world you also get unlimited text & 1 hour of free data on gogo enabled flights no other plan i've came across support this kind of international.

You can also add premium connectvity to your line which enables unlimited LTE mobile hotspot service, Unlimited data in 140 country t twice the speed and unlimited HD video day passes for freenow this cost 25 Dollars a month.

This plan support up to 6 lines this brings the cost down to just 35 Dollars per month per line makingT-MobileONE the cheapest unlimited plan on the market.

that's it for today if you have any question please feel free to write it in the comment section below and I will answer as soon as possible.

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